Alphatise May Fulfill Dreams and Set Price Standards for a New Socially-Conscious Marketplace

Buyers are finding new ways to receive items they want through web outlets. The juggernauts of the industry (Ebay and Amazon, among a handful of others) are controlling the majority of the marketplace. Yet, new companies are making their entry point, and they are not directly competing. It’s a different offering entirely, and the creators behind Alphatise are seeing rich opportunities and a vacant space.

Granting Wishes

It works quite simply. The app has a wide number of merchants who have products available. The merchant could have two items for sale or 10,000+, and consumers are able to sift through the massive inventory to see what is available. This explanation alone is not enough to differentiate the app from a stop at the Target or a visit to Amazon. But, there is an offer of something fresh. Consumers can create a wishlist for items, and they can specify what they would pay.

The merchants will then see a basic breakdown of what consumers want, if their items are present, and how much they would pay. The merchant can then fulfill that wish. Consumers can theoretically ask for a fraction of a retail price on an item and perhaps see that request fulfilled from the merchant.

Is E-Commerce an Alluring Narcotic?

The clever social app is a potential reinvention of the merchant-to-consumer experience in a social environment. Buyers are being connected to the sellers in a very direct and social-oriented marketplace. The other features of the app seek to complement this almost collaborative process.

It isn’t any secret that traditional brick-and-mortar retail is a diminishing market. Apps like it are only seeking to create a divide and offer an aspect of buying that is sorely missing from modern retail. Developers are exploring a new way to buy.

E-commerce is a narcotic in the sense that retail giants of all kinds are finding alluring and addictive new qualities in it. It is daring and provocative to say that any kind of social-oriented app can offer something that the current retail giants can’t. But, it could be possible to make retail buying without requesting a price a little obsolete.